Thought Leadership Strategy: 3-step Framework For Influencer Outreach

Email templates and creating special content like webinars and guides can help. Your team should record every interaction it has with the influencers on your list top tier or otherwise. Make notes along the way as you learn things about the influencers job, hobbies, and interests. When it makes sense to do so, assign certain contacts to individual members of your team, so they can concentrate on building fewer but deeper connections, rather than many scattered ones. (Really, a balance of both is nice.) 3. Connecting with influencers When youre ready to promote your content, consider giving your Tier 1 influencers advanced notice. This will give them a chance to spend time with your content before launch, so they can give meaningful commentary when it goes live. Youll also find that when big websites or influencers write about content first, theres often a trickle down effect, where smaller sites pick up the story without any prompt from you. This doesnt work in reverse, so its important to hit your Tier 1 influencers first. You can send templated emails to your Tier 2 influencers, leaving room to customize each email a little bit before sending. (This should be easy if youve maintained your database of interactions and notes about influencers.) Because youve defined narrow audiences early on, you should be able to create a very focused benefit statement for each influencer group.
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